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Saturn 02

Stackable organiser

The stackable organiser Saturn 02 will help organise and store documents, books, magazines, and other necessities at home and the office. The organiser is produced by a Czech metal fabricator from durable aluminium. It is coated with Swiss powder colours with a matt and haptically pleasant feeling. The underside is equipped with ridges ensuring stability. Through stackability, you can create your own vertical storage space in various colour combinations.


Material: bend aluminium
Surface: high quality powder coating
Weight: 0,3 kg
Dimensions: w 24 x d 35 x h 4 cm
Formatted to fill A4 sheet.

Design: Jakub Klimeš / Space of Space
Manufacture: The Czech Republic
Durability: ∞
Recyclability: 100 %

Stohovatelný pořadač Saturn 02

We see metal as a noble and durable material with a long-lasting value, similarly to wood, stone, or glass. During the manufacturing process we use steel and aluminium, which give elegance and playfulness through gentle curves. The Space of Space products can last for generations, they can be fixed, and if by an unfortunate mistake their time comes to an end, they can be recycled.

We cultivated a fascination with matt and the haptically pleasant effect of the powder coating process through our parent’s business. Powder colours are eco-friendly, constant, and safe for people. Their application is energy efficient and doesn’t generate any unnecessary waste. We use high-quality Swiss powder colours with the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

Space of Space pays tribute to the timeless architecture, interior spaces full of life and colours. Our products balance between playfulness and functional purism in a way in which they can serve you for a long time and at the same time never stop entertaining you. Last but not least, they prove that even metal can have a warm and cosy effect on the interior.

With the proper care, Saturn 02 can last a lifetime and will make even the next generation happy. Do not overload the table to prevent deformation. Beware sharp objects that could damage the surface; when dirty, clean gently with a damp cloth with a naturally based cleaning detergent drop. In the end, wipe dry. Never use sand-based cleaning products, kitchen sponges and scouring pads, solvents, and other chemical cleaners which can permanently damage the table surface.

You can also use Saturn 02 outdoors, but we do not recommend exposing it to direct sun, high temperatures and humidity.

Stohovatelný pořadač Saturn 02

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