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Kro Coffee Cafe
Year of completion: 2022
Location: Prague 2, Czech Republic

Kavárna Kro Coffee

The Kro bistros and café are among our favourite café establishments in Prague. What made us even happier was that we could send our latest design novelty – tray Astro, to this Vinohrady universe filled with freshly baked pastries and good coffee. It’s no surprise that we’ve been there nonstop since then. We have designed the Astro trays from stable aluminium, which is practical and lightweight, ideal for manipulation. The surfaces are coated with high-quality powder colours that provide a natural feeling when touched and make the product highly durable even in the most professional environment. The trays are stackable, they look good in many sizes, and they don’t take up too much space.

For the KRO Coffee café, we have designed the Astro collection in green colour, which matches the minimalistic interior with wooden tables, bar from artificial stone and white plaster on the walls. The baristas, KRO clients and we are amused with the trays that we have decided to include in our permanent product range. We have modified the design, added three more sizes, and now they can also serve hundreds of purposes at your home.